Have You Bagged Your Electronics ابزار رونیکس Yet?

Your Electronics Tools are a big investment, and if cared for properly can last a lifetime. So after all that special consideration you gave to purchasing the right Electronics ابزار رونیکس, why wouldn’t you take the time to choose the right tool case or tool bag?

There is no doubt that there are many tool cases and tool bags to choose from, many price ranges, sizes, styles and shapes. So how do you choose which one will work best for you?

First start off by inventorying what electronics tools you have already purchased. This will provide you with a foundation to at least choose the minimum tool case and tool pallets you will need to purchase. If you haven’t made your electronics tools purchase yet, then you have the opportunity to start with a tool kit or tool bag that best fits your specific needs now and in the future. You should also consider what type of exterior your tool case will need to be. Does your field of en devour require a rugged exterior or soft. You may want to consider a tool case with hardened or supported corners. Will you need to have a locking feature on your tool case?

Once you have determined the tool case you need just to house the electronics or technician tools you already have or will have in hand, you should then consider what tools you will need in the future. Not an easy task by any means, as technologies continue to evolve, but you should have a pretty good feel for what tools you have on your wish list for the future.

Are you a bench technician, field technician or installer? Are you a student who carries a minimum amount of tools, but needs to lug them around a campus style environment? These are very important questions when deciding on what tool case or tool bag works best for you. If you do a considerable amount of traveling with your tools you may want to consider a wheeled tool case. If your travels require you to travel through airports then you may want to consider not only a wheeled tool case, but one that can endure the rigors of airport luggage handlers. If you are a student on a busy campus, you may want to consider a tool case back pack that not only allows you to store your tools, but your documents as well. You will also need to consider how many tool pallets your tool case will hold, and how many new tool pallets you can add in the future.

What size and shape tool case will you need? Do you use a lot of electronic test equipment, or will your tool bag be filled with smaller electronics hand tools? What types of tools and test equipment will you be required to use in the future? Keep in mind that not only will you use your tool case or tool bag to travel your tools, but you are also looking for a way to protect and organize your tools as well.

When you have narrowed the field down to a few of the tool cases that will work best for you, it’s then time to choose your tool pallets. There is a large selection of tool pallets to choose from, and as a general rule, most manufacturers will give you some guidance with the descriptions of their tool pallets. Just like tool cases, tool pallets have specific designs for different types of tools. Some Pallets are made for specific tool cases, while others are generic and can be used in many styles of tool cases. Some examples of tool pallets with specific designs are: Appliance Repair, Fiber Optic, Telecom, Industrial Control, Electronics, Computer Repair and General Purpose.

A word of caution here, a tool pallet is not just a tool pallet. There are particular features that you should be looking for when you purchase your tool pallets which will ensure the longevity of the pallets. They are:the use of Novalux nylon tool pockets which makes them stronger over a wide range of temperature ranges. Rivets at the stress points that provide a greater pull-through resistance and a quality hardboard interior that will provide you with tool pallets that could last a lifetime.

What about pricing? Obviously price is an issue, as we all work on some type of budget, but after the investment of your electronics tools, the next largest investment you make will be your tool case or tool bag. This investment will not only organize your tools, but protect them from the elements. The money you spend here is well spent on quality, verses purchasing something at a lower cost and quality that you will regret in the future.

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