7 Ways to Leverage Social Media at Your Trade Show Event

Many businesses view social media as an annoying obligation and often move it to the back burner, but it can actually help support all of your events, especially trade mxl tv. Learning how to leverage social media to work with you and your goals is essential in today’s world of business. The following tips will get you to a great starting point as far as applying the use of social media to your overall process.

The 2-3 weeks leading up to your event will likely be the most stressful time of the entire show. During this time, use your social media profiles to serve as your interns and get the word out about your event. Be sure to include sneak peek photos and build excitement around exclusive offers that will only be available at the show. Don’t sell the farm though. The key is to pique your followers’ interest in order to get them out to the show to see exactly what you’re offering.

Another useful tool for trade shows are #hashtags! This is a great way to not only get people excited, but to also manage and maintain the conversation happening around your event. This will help you to quickly manage and answer comments and questions coming in during the show. Don’t forget to research potential hashtags before you choose one to ensure that there aren’t any negative conversations happening around the one you have selected.

Video is quickly becoming the most preferred medium for users to absorb content. If you’re able to create excitement around your event by creating a video, prior to the show, you’ll probably get a lot more interest and engagement. Consider something like doing a giveaway at the show and featuring what the giveaway prizes will be in your video. You’ll also be able to include your hashtag in the video to help promote the conversation.

Boosting your PR for the show will never hurt either. Consider events that you will be participating in prior to your trade show and invite the media to come write a story about it and have them highlight the show coming up. Twitter and LinkedIn are great social media platforms to help you find these people. Having great media contacts is extremely valuable, so make sure to nurture those connections via social media and in person for future events.

A great way to create more brand awareness and social following for your business is to offer prizes in exchange for Likes or Follows. It is important that you’ll have enough people staffing the booth in order to be able to check people off and give people their prize for following you on social media. You could also offer a grand prize for one lucky winner out of everyone that follows you.

Remember that online users get bombarded with advertising and messages on a daily basis and if you want to maintain your followers and keep their attention, you’ll need to continue posting valuable and consistent content. Keep in mind that the ultimate reward for your followers is that you provide them with content that they want to receive on a regular basis. If you don’t provide this to them, you will lose your following very quickly.

QR codes make sense at trade shows because everyone else is handing stuff out. When you get done at a trade show, you end up having tons of handouts and materials that usually end up in the garbage. People simply don’t want to have to carry things around. If you have a banner stand display, provide them with a QR code that gives them all of the information that they need and save yourself the cost of paper and printing costs.

Include a special offer on the landing page that the QR code directs them to. This will give people a reason to make sure they scan the code right then and there.

This concept can seem overwhelming to some, but don’t worry! There are free tools that will help you with this. Create an account with HootSuite or Buffer and schedule posts to go out before the show even starts. This will ensure that your message is getting out there while not taking your attention away from the show.

If you make a memorable connection at a show, be sure to get their business card or information. When the show is over try to find those people on LinkedIn or Facebook and add them to your network. You never know when you’re going to find yourself talking to the right person at the right time. When you send a follow request or invite, include a personal note that relates back to the show and your conversation to help it feel even more personal.

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