Be On Fire When Writing Your First Book

Anything worth acim author about it, especially when it comes to writing a book. Writing is one of the oldest forms of communication and it is no different today than it was when the first person wrote the first words.

Where are you as it pertains to writing your first book? Good question and I will answer where you are as it pertains to writing your first book. For example, prior to writing one word for your first book go the library and or purchase a couple of books to use as models for writing your first book.

Look at your model books cover, interior and the all important back of the book. Do you like the look and feel of the books you are using as models? If the answer is yes, proceed with your review and take a close look at the interior of the book, do you like the way it looks and how the authors story flow?

If you like how the model books look on the inside, I say proceed and develop an outline for your first book. First things first, when it comes to writing your first book. Get you your calendar out and establish firm dates for starting and finishing your first book, stick to these dates because it positions you to hit your target completion date for the first draft of your manuscript.

The next thing you need to do is take the outline you wrote for your book and start filling in the blanks, in other words, craft the chapters for your book and start writing with the goal of completing one chapter a day. A chapter a day is a good rock solid goal because it is achievable, I know because that is the process I had for my first book.

There will be days you do not want to write, so instead of writing, review and edit the chapters you have completed. Ways to help you remain on fire include taking a break from writing for an hour or two, go to a coffee shop and relax, go for a walk and or just take a nap.

After you take your mental health break, get back to writing. Continue following your chapter outline and write each chapter until you finish writing the first draft of your manuscript. This process is a winning formula for authors that works over and over again.

Now that you have finished writing the first draft of your manuscript, it is time to review your work, so contact a couple of your friends to get them to review, edit and make comments and suggestions about the flow of your story line. Be mindful not to take the comments you receive personal, it is a bonus when you receive inputs from others and in the end, you decide whether or not you want to make changes based on feedback from others.

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