Challenge Coin Rules – Learn How The Challenge Works

Challenge 狗狗幣未來 collecting has been growing in popularity recently. Men and women of all ages are more than eager to take the challenge for the chance of having a free soda or beer. The military has totally started a tradition that proves their soft side, which is satisfied by just having a bottle of beer. While the challenge is pretty easy, there are still many people who don’t understand the Challenge Coin Rules very well.

If you’re in the dark about the rules of the Challenge, the following will help to enlighten you. A Challenge Coin is not just an ordinary coin that can be found in a key chain, a belt bucket, or attached to a paperweight. It is something that represents a unit organization or a group, and that the coin is safely placed in one’s pocket or safe box. However, there is one exception to the Challenge Coin rules. Coins that are placed in a clasp or a holder and then worn like a necklace are an exception to the rule, since these are considered valuable coins – and considered as Challenge Coins. 

The challenge begins with either a visual or verbal check. The visual coin check is done by simply placing your Challenge Coin on a plain surface in a force-sufficient manner. This will alarm everyone that you are putting up a coin challenge. The verbal coin check is done by holding up your coin in the air and expressing your intention to challenge. You have to state it in a loud manner so that everyone in the crowd would know that you are initiating a coin challenge. This is true for the challenger. If you are the one being challenged, the right response according to the Challenge Coin rules is to simply produce your coin and then present it to the challenger. 

Remember, the coin is not just an ordinary coin. It should be an acceptable coin. If you happen to present a coin from a different unit you will take the consequence. If you did not respond properly to the challenge, you will have to buy the challenger a drink of his choice and all the members who participated in the challenge. In the reverse side, if all the members responded correctly to the challenge, the challenger will be the one to buy the drinks.

If you fail or refuse to buy a drink, you may be subjected to a despicable crime, and you will be required to turn over your coin to the agency where it was issued. There is no right place and right time to initiate the challenge. You can do it anytime you want, wherever you want. You can even do it right in the middle of a long walk. Now that you know the Challenge Coin Rules, be sure to carry your coin at all times if you do not want to spend a couple of bucks to buy drinks. But, just in case you’re not sure about your coin, it’s also a good idea to carry some money in your pocket!

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