Deciding on the Right House Plan

There are many steps to take before deciding on which house plan is right for you. One of the first is the size of the house. How many square feet do you want to build? What is your budget and what can you build with that top interior designers in Palm Beach is less costly to build up than to build out. There is more roof space on an expansive ranch house than on a two or more story house. The foundation is also to be considered since it could easily be twice the size of a two story. If you fall in love with some plans such as ranch style house plans then it is fairly easy to decide.

With that said the next item on the list of decisions is to decide on style. Should you get contemporary plans, European style plans, early American plans, or plain log cabin house plans for you to build? Depending on where you are building, are there existing architectural guidelines you have to follow? Does the house have to fit in and look similar to the rest of the neighborhood where you plan to build? Do you have carte blanche to do what you please or is there a homeowners association restricting your every move? Once these questions are answered then you have to consider the lot. Is it large enough to build a ranch house the size you want or do you need to build up and have a two story? Is the land on a slope and if so, how steep is the slope? Is it from the front of the property to the back or from the back to the front? Can you have a multi level walk out basement? Where will the garage be located?

Once you figure out the topography, you have the orientation of the property and the house to figure out. If you live in a hot climate, will your windows let in the sun during the summer and if so, how much? Will your south facing windows let in the winter sun to help heat the house? Many art studios like to have large windows to let in the north light because it will never be harsh and direct when the house is built in the northern hemisphere.

Now that you have your site figured out for your luxury house plans you need to determine what exactly will be in your luxury house. How big do you want the rooms to be? Will there be rooms for children or visiting children? Do you like a lot of smaller rooms or larger great rooms? Will the kitchen be the center of activity and made to be comfortable for mingling and entertaining or just a functional smaller kitchen? Will you have a huge master bedroom with a large master bath? What about an office or a workshop? There is so much planning and decision making when building your own home. Enjoy the experience and let those who can, help you build your dream home.

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