Enhance Your Shopping Mall Security Surveillance

Shopping malls have a high volume of Spectrum Mall Noida activity due to the high volume of consumers who pass through their halls daily, and due to the large quantity of employees that are present within each of the retail establishments. To protect such a wide variety of areas and locations, shopping malls and the individual retail stores within them require surveillance systems for protection against theft. One of the most popular types of surveillance cameras used within shopping malls is the IP camera.

The Benefits of the IP Surveillance Cameras

With the looming concern of protecting retail establishments and the customers who walk through their doors, shopping malls install a variety of surveillance systems. Here are some of the primary benefits of installing an IP camera system within a shopping mall:

Theft Reduction- With proper surveillance systems installed throughout the mall, theft can be prevented. Visible IP cameras can also proactively work to reduce crimes that occur in shopping malls.

Provide Increased Customer Safety- Consumers want a safe environment to purchase products and services within when they visit shopping malls. IP camera surveillance systems can offer peace of mind to consumers who frequent the locations.

Reduce Retail Employee Theft- In addition to protecting consumers, IP camera systems can also proactively reduce employee theft. Visible IP camera systems within each retail establishment will often deter employees from stealing merchandise or cash from the registers while they are on duty.

Why Choose the IP Camera System over Other Surveillance Options?

If you are ready to install or upgrade your current surveillance system, you will notice that you have a variety of options to select from. Why should you choose the IP camera system for your shopping mall?

Here are some of the primary features of the IP camera surveillance system:

The IP cameras offer the ability to view activities within the shopping mall or within each individual retail establishment from anywhere in the world over the Internet
The IP camera has the ability to record and transfer data over the Internet to any designated PC
Control functions can be accessed over the Internet
It is a wireless system, making it easier and more affordable to install
It is powered over the Ethernet, making it more affordable to install
Many of the cameras come standard with motion detector functionality
Some offer intelligent surveillance, recording only when motion is detected
Email or SMS notification when motion is detected within the business or shopping mall

Installing your Shopping Mall’s IP Camera System

Now that you have selected the IP camera system to install within your shopping mall, you need to determine what the best locations are for installation of the individual cameras. Consider the following locations when developing your shopping mall surveillance strategy:

Every entrance and exit
All public areas such as food courts and lobbies
Hallways and pathways between businesses, loading docks or to and from public restrooms
Parking garages
Parking lots
Delivery areas or loading docks

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