Factors Affecting CPU Speed and Its Solutions

CPU speed is generally measured in MHz and one Megahertz is equivalent to one million cycles per second. But this does not mean that a pcdesigner with 3MHz works faster than a 1MHz CPU. The difference is observed on the quantity of work a CPU can perform in one clock cycle. Technically speaking, a CPU with 1MHz speed could possibly be faster and the 2MHz CPU could probably have high efficiency or perform larger amount of work. The speed of a CPU can be improved using caches as it can provide quicker access to the used information. They can also help in terms of the performance. A larger cache will lead to better performance. They are said to be heart of a CPU and while some may operate at a high speed, others do not.

Another factor affecting the CPU speed is the Front Side Bus (FSB). This is the main joint that connects the CPU to the whole memory system. It operates in a fraction of time compared to the CPU clock speed. Even the performance of a CPU can be judged according to the data transfer speed allowed by the FSB. Besides, speed is also affected by the Random Access Memory (RAM). A faster RAM implies that the CPU does not require much time for data transfer hence will work faster.

Generally speaking, anything included in the system may have impact on the speed of the CPU. They are also the main factors to the CPU performance as well as the whole system such as RAM video speed, speed of rotation and the access time for the hard disk. If you find the acceleration of your CPU to be considerably slow, you can try out the recommended solutions. One of them is to identify the most suitable CPU to complement your existing computer. Buying a new CPU, advancing aback and installing the new CPU into the computer should be pretty simple but beware that you are accurate on altering the CPU as you can cause severe damages if things in your computer are affected by you.

You can actually analyze your CPU performance and its acceleration in your computer by clicking on the start icon, choosing run and typing in “msinfo32”. Such method to improve the speed is highly recommended as they are cost-effective and simple.

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