Getting Unstuck, When the Head and the Heart Disagree

All of us have had the experience, I suspect, of feeling planar magnetic headphones, paralyzed and overwhelmed by the circular turmoil over a decision in which the head and the heart simply don’t agree and want two different things!  it’s painful when we find ourselves in an inner battle over a decision that must be made in our lives.

 The anxiety of being faced with a crossroad in life where a next decision must be made in order to move forward from this stopped, stuck place, is often tremendously stressful.

 The inner debate and frustrating angst can seem insurmountable and hopeless. That’s what makes it so paralyzing; that’s how we stay stuck.  And in a way, the situation is indeed insurmountable and hopeless. Let me explain. The situation is insurmountable in the aspect that two arguing forces not only want two different choices, but that they don’t even speak the same language. 

 When the head argues for one path and the heart for another, it is like trying to compare “apples to oranges” – they don’t even view things the same way or with the same value of importance —  thus making it “impossible” to make a sound decision.  So you can see how this awful self-tormenting experience of being stuck in an unsolvable and circular dialogue takes place, right? 

 Few situations in life are more frustrated than feeling stuck and stopped when needing to make a decision and act. Talk about flushing the cells with stress hormones and adrenaline!

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