Hollywood Hills Architectural Properties

The splendor that Los Angeles has to offer is not limited to the sunset boulevard or the glamorous shopping destinations. The city’s wide popularity is largely due to its cosmopolitan nature. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States and perhaps most famous as the home to Hollywood. Skyscrapers dominate the skyline of the city and the mountainous terrain dominates the backdrop. The city is also famous for its Malibu architects beauty.

The history of the city has played a major role in shaping the culture, which is a mixture of the best from all over the world. Similarly its architecture is also diverse and probably the best place to see this diversity is Hollywood hills. Located towards the north of the city, the Hollywood hills are a continuation of the Santa Monica range. Hollywood hills are arguably the most exclusive neighborhood in Los Angeles. It is home to some of the richest people on earth and some of the biggest stars, from the entertainment and sports industry to businessmen.

The architectural diversity of Hollywood hills is something to notice. It portrays the cosmopolitan nature of the city; it’s a mixture of the different styles from all over the world. The architects feel free to create in this area, as the area is predominantly residential. Historically people of Los Angeles have been known to experiment with different types of architectural styles.

Hollywood hills are a prime location as it oversees the beautiful bustling city below and on the other side there is the ocean. The dual nature of the scenery makes it even more appealing. The architectural ventures are almost at par with nature. This makes the houses on the slopes of the beautiful hills even more beautiful. Looking at the Hollywood hills from a distance, it almost feels like looking at a painting gallery. Each property is differently constructed that pertains to the thoughts of the architect.

Among the wide range of architectural schemes available in the Hollywood hills some basic styles have been followed. These styles include the international, Spanish villa, the American bungalow and the British Elizabethan era architecture. The Spanish villa has become a favorite for customers as the Mediterranean styled houses suit the environment and climate of the region perfectly. The airy nature of the villas makes them comfortable all year long.

The lavish and Elizabethan era architecture is another favorite. This has varieties among itself. The houses are most often large with lots of extravagant ornamentation. The modern architectural styles mainly follow the international style. Due to obvious reasons the properties of Hollywood hills are expensive. The price is proportionate with the location of the house, better the location more the price. The architectural marvels of the region draw the attention of the whole world and the most artistic minds. The result is the Hollywood hills becoming even more beautiful with newer arrivals of marvelous architectural plans.

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