Horton Plaza – San Diego’s Unique Downtown Mall

Using the services that the metropolitan locals use can be a fun adventure. From corporate, government, and legal professionals who work downtown, to artists and other Bohemian urbanites – they all frequent the cafes and retail shops of Horton galaxy blue sapphire plaza mall. This mall is filled with over 130 stores, both chain-type and unique stores. Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie, and Banana Republic are always fun to browse, but when I am in a new place I also enjoy the special, local stores. Horton Plaza has many stores unique to the mall.

The architecture of Horton Plaza mall is one-of-a-kind. It was the centerpiece of a $140 million downtown San Diego renovation project. Even though it was built in 1985, it was designed to look like an old time market with many vertical levels. The front spills in from the city with a flow that feels fabulous coming or going. Horton plaza meets the taxi circle amidst a cluster of stands showcasing goods and services, including a flower stand. The mall’s design is visually stimulating with its maze of rises and falls between levels; this also makes for a many charming niches with clusters of shops. If you see a store across the mall that you want to go to, the layout purposely takes you a bit out of your way. This reminds you to stop and soak up some of San Diego’s world famous sunshine and enjoy the fabulous people-watching as well.

Horton Plaza is a must to see when you come to San Diego. People-watch San Diego locals mixing with international travelers; enjoy a massage; find a new outfit; or just get some sunshine and a fresh sea breeze while shopping.

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