How to Make Double Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Treats – An Easier, Less Messy Technique

Here is an easy way I melt POLKADOT CHOCOLATE. Pour one bag of semi-sweet chocolate coating wafers (or whichever kind you are using at the moment) into thick, sealable plastic bag used for freezing. Place in microwave and on 50% power melt for 1 minute. Chocolate will not be completely melted yet. Remove bag and work with fingers to grind the chocolate. Smash as much as possible then return bag to microwave. Melt again on 50% power for 30 seconds.

Remove and work the chocolate with your fingers. If still not liquid. Repeat last step for 30 seconds. DO NOT OVERHEAT CHOCOLATE or it will seize. Remove the cap from a bottle and stand it on end on top of the counter or table. Cut one bottom corner of the bag. Squeeze the chocolate out of the bag into the bottom, much like you would squeeze out toothpaste. Replace cap back onto bottle. Set bottle in one of the glasses with warm water then place bottle into the sauce pan with warm water. Chocolate Covering Technique for Rice Crispy Treats

I. Chocolate Covered with Chocolate Chips. The trick is to apply the chips while the chocolate coating is still wet, then allow them both to set (harden) at room temperature. Dipping can be messy so that’s why I coat the treats using the sauce bottles. It’s much easier. A few steps will make the whole process easy and the treats will look great!

1. Borders. This is not for show just simply to create a “fence” in which to fill the rest of the chocolate coating. Using a sauce bottle and working with one treat at a time. Create a chocolate border around the edges of the top of each treat (we will not coat the sides or bottom) then set aside on the baking tray. Create borders for all treats first before moving to the next step. Place bottle back in glass with warm water. Let chocolate on treats set for a few minutes.

2. Filling. One treat at a time fill each one with melted chocolate using the sauce bottles. I find it easier to start from the “close” to the edges then work towards the center. Do not completely fill. Leave a space in the center. DO NOT LET CHOCOLATE SET, immediately grab the one you are working with by its sides and tap it against the saucer until chocolate fills the empty spaces. Move onto the next step, then return to this step until all the treats are done.

Do this one treat at a time. In order to adhere chocolate chips to the treat the chocolate coating must be wet. Chocolate Chips. Grab some chips with your hands and sprinkle onto the wet chocolate, once again, one treat at a time. Mix and match if you would like with the different types of chocolate. Set treat aside on baking tray. Finish all treats. Let chocolate set for several minutes.

II. Crushed Chocolate Cookies. The method for adding the cookie crumbs to your treats will be the same as the previous process for adding chocolate chips. There are a few ways that I crush the cookies. Choose your favorite chocolate cookie sandwich. Remove the cream in the middle and eat it! .
You won’t it need for decorating though. Place the cookies in sealable plastic bags and crush them with your hands. I prefer to place the bag on a cutting board and lightly smash them with a rubber mallet. You could also use a food processor just don’t blend them too fine to dust, they should be chunky. Pour the crumbs into a topping bowl at your station.

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