Lakes Entrance – Where the Lake Meets the Sea

Victoria’s fishing capital, Lakes Entrance, is nestled between Bairnsdale and Orbost. This network of inland waterways makes up what is known as the Gippsland 제주독채민박 Lakes and is ideally located near some of Australia’s most precious natural wonders.

Lakes Entrance provides the ideal destination for a driving holiday as it is at the end of two of Australia’s greatest driving routes. Driving along the Great Alpine Road will take you through the Alpine National Park, the residence of Victoria’s highest mountains and diverse alpine environments. Discover Victoria’s high country while breathing in the crisp mountain air and taking in the spectacular scenic views.

The Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Drive begins at the Croajingolong National Park, which is rich in remote beaches, tall forests, rainforests and estuaries. Drive along the magnificent coastline with non-stop stunning views until you reach the Gippsland Lakes.

Entering the man-made channel that links the Bass Strait and the Tasman Sea, you will instantly be blown away with the very sight of this seaside town. Gippsland Lakes is the biggest and most beautiful expanse of inland waterways in the southern hemisphere, with the abundance of marinas and attractive gardens helping it live up to its name.

Lakes Entrance is a popular holiday destination all year round, with a pleasant climate and a laid back and relaxing atmosphere. The esplanade is the central hub of the town and runs along the shoreline of the Cunningham Arme inlet. Home to outdoor cafes, shops, boutiques and galleries, there is sure to be something to please all. While in town you should also visit Griffith’s Sea Shell Museum which has a vast display of ocean cells, along with bright and colourful coral and clever, handmade gifts. Browse the local treasures and pick up a keepsake to remember your time in Lakes Entrance.

To get a true taste of the wealth of lakes and waterways, explore the region by foot, beginning at the bridge which crosses Cunninghame Arm. This bridge links the town centre to the windswept coastline of the Bass Strait. This is a great place to soak up the views, take a dip in the cool, refreshing water or attempt to learn how to surf. Venture up to the Flaggstaff Lookout where you will find unique views of the town centre and surrounding waterways.

To experience the coastline in the comfort and style of your car, cruise along the Seaview Parade. Experience undisturbed views of the town centre, the marinas, Cunningham Arme and Ninety Mile Beach. Or for a more extensive view of the entire area, take flight with Elite Airways and get a bird’s eye view of all of Lakes Entrance including Lake Tyers and stunning river scenery.

Venturing into the surrounding mountains will bring you into the Gippsland High Country, where you can take ecotours and walking tours. Relax and take in the fresh mountain air while discovering the native flora and fauna that make this area so fascinating. For an even further exploration of the native surrounds, drive the short distances to neighbouring national parks. The Snowy River National Park encompasses magnificent river scenery, spectacular gorges and native pines. Experience the true nature and beauty of what Australia has to offer in pure relaxation and serenity!

Buchan is located only a short drive from Lakes Entrance and is another of the amazing sights of the Gippsland region. Drive along the Princes Highway until you reach Nowa Nowa, where veering left will take you along Buchan Road until you reach Buchan. Known as the ‘place of rocks with holes in them’, Buchan is famous for its spectacular underground caves. The caves are nestled at the foothills of the Victorian Alps and tours of these natural wonders can easily be organised.

During your visit to Lakes Entrance, you will be blessed with a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. Several of the local caravan parks encompass ocean and lake views, making them ideal locations to park your campervan or rent a cabin for a few days. Relax and take in the scenic, waterfront views while sitting back with a good book or spending some quality time with the kids.

The ambience of Lakes Entrance is welcoming and inviting to all who venture into this lake wonderland. The laid back, peaceful nature of this seaside town make it the ideal holiday destination and the perfect base for your next driving holiday!

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