Let us start off on a hopeful and exciting radioevangeliovivo.net. Recent research suggests that Radio Is Expected to Surpass Newspapers in Local Ad Revenue by 2021. Nearly a century after radio began airing commercials,Radio Advertising in 2021 Articles ad revenue is growing thanks to vernacular prowess of the radio. Making their presence felt in every nook and cranny of remote streets, local shops, senior citizen gatherings and even Panchayat offices – FM Radio channels are one of the leading entertainment and information media for citizens in the country. Its increasing popularity stands testimony to the fact that FM Radio service providers in the nation are increasingly making their broadcasted shows more customer engaging, entertaining and informative. Being one of the leading Radio Advertising Agency in India, Exopic Media helps you promote your brand effectively through interactive campaigns on-air.

Launched in 1977, FM Radio in India has always remained popular among various age groups of people in the country. Be it cars, shops, homes and sometimes even at offices – with the growing localization of FM Radio shows, the popularity of FM Radio services witnessed an increase over the last few years.

So what makes Radio Click?

Direct Response – Although it is powerful word of mouth marketing through waves, Radio as an individual entity has never been able to conjure up audience response. This has been a major setback for almost all forms of broadcast advertising as well. However, with the digitalization of marketing communications and the rising demand for IoT, you can now measure digital actions (website visits, conversions, phone calls) caused by offline marketing like radio.

This does not mean moving away from other marketing channels. It’s about effective cohesive approach or efficient amalgamation of existing resources.

We are the top Creative Agency in Delhi that help you maximize your brand potential through

Innovative radio campaigns by maintaining an effective digital presence. In fact, that’s the way of the world – a prospect hears your ad on the radio and then turns to Google to learn more about your business.

Takeaway: It is important, that they are able to find you.

So next time you announce your lucrative offers, rewards, and exciting features of your products and services, make sure you have an active web presence as well. Improve your brand engagement, increase your conversions and boost your profits with our affordable and comprehensive digital marketing services.

Cost-effectiveness – Many people are misguided, have wrong notions, or are simply inexperienced when they assume that radio advertising is quite expensive. For centuries now, it remains the most cost-effective traditional advertising channel available today. Creating radio ads is a much simpler and cheaper process. All one needs is a powerful script that delivers your brand message and an experience & expressive voice actor. As compared to other forms of advertising, this is a one-time investment without any additional or repetitive expenses. Furthermore, the ad only has to be recorded one time and then it can be used in multiple markets to grow with your radio advertising budget.

If you still aren’t convinced have a look at the radio advertisement expenditure of bigshot brands like P&G, Hindustan Unilever, Amazon, Flipkart, Shipra, Malabar Jewellery, etc. The ad expenditure for radio for the year 2020 is recorded as 2.986 Crores. In fact the ad-spend on radio marketing is set to increase from 30% to 40% by 2021!

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