Raising Musical Children – How to Choose the Right Piano Teacher For Your Child

non dual teachers you ask family or friends if they know a good music instructor. While this is a good starting spot for finding reliable teachers, I often suggest that parents view the interviews with prospective teachers as being the most important first step in choosing the right piano teacher for your child. Here’s why.

What Works For Your Own Child Is Best

Often, well meaning family and friends will point you toward piano teachers that are good instructors. And it is certainly true that recommendations and referrals are the best way to learn who the best instructors are in a certain area. But, because the piano lesson process is a potentially long one, lasting over many years, you really want to find the piano teacher that will bring out the excitement of learning in your child. You need the piano teacher that just clicks with your child and understands you and your needs.

Interviews Are Your Most Important Tool

Quite frankly, a piano teacher might have all the diplomas, certificates, and awards in the world, and still not be the best teacher for your child. This is a bold statement, but fair. Many teachers have these things, and don’t really like to teach children. What you need for that first teacher is a combination of parent, friend, music enthusiast, sports coach, and teacher all rolled up into one person. Why? Because children respond well to people who have not forgotten what it is like to think young. You don’t really need to find a young teacher to have these things. You can find them in teachers that have been teaching for many, many years. But, without enthusiasm for the teaching process, a life long love for music, and a keen understanding of young people, the learning process may be quite dull. Look for energetic, understanding, inspiring people who also happen to be very well educated in music, and find the one that your child really likes.


One thing that is very important to find, is a teacher who includes a mini-lesson with your child as part of the interview process. I have personally done this in my own piano studio since I began. Doing this provides a set of valuable pieces of information. First, it tells me how well the prospective new student responds to me. Second, it tells the prospective student’s parents how well their child responds to me. Third, it gives the parents a good idea of what my lessons will include. Fourth, it gives the parents a good idea of what will be expected of their child in the early stages of lessons. Fifth, it demonstrates to parents that I have an open and welcoming studio.

Your Budget

Piano teachers are aware that parents must consider their budgets before entering piano lessons. Private lessons are a long-term commitment to their children. Piano teachers in your area will have an average range of fees. You will need to determine what that range is, and choose the teacher that suits your budget. It is not true that the more expensive teachers are better. It is more true to say that the teacher that teaches your child best is the better teacher for you. You will need to decide the best combination of teacher and budget for you, while keeping in mind the one that had the best rapport with your child.

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