Dishonest review is doing no one a service because his readers will no longer value his opinion and be angry that they spent time and money reading a sub-par book. Similarly, the reviewer who has an ax to grind and gives a acim a low rating because he simply doesn’t like the author or the general topic would do better to review other books or no books at all. Bad reviews have their place; they can be a true learning experience for the author, but they can also be kindly worded.

Brief and Clear Summaries: A good book review is not a book report. It should not include a complete plot summary or a chapter-by-chapter description of the book’s contents. It may, however, describe enough of the plot to make people want to read further, such as stopping the summary at a cliffhanger moment, or it might list the main topics without going into detail. Under no circumstances should a review give away a novel’s ending, or list the concluding arguments of a non-fiction work. In short, a review should never provide so much information that the reader feels no need to read the book because he completely knows what it contains; a review should be like a movie trailer-a teaser to get people to read the book, while giving enough commentary to let the reader decide whether the subject is really for him.

Accuracy: Book reviews must be accurate, so if looking for a book critic, checking the accuracy of the person’s past reviews is the best way to determine whether the person truly reads the books he reviews. By accuracy, I mean using the correct names of the characters and spelling them properly, accurately summarizing the plot, and also the importance of proper grammar and punctuation so the reviewer appears intelligent and competent, and therefore, qualified to write the review.

Good Writing: A reviewer is a writer him- or herself. The person should have a strong command of the English language and be able to communicate well. Writing choppy sentences and having poor grammar will only make the reviewer look bad, and that will result in people not understanding the book’s value or valuing the critic’s opinion. A good reviewer will also have knowledge of what constitutes good writing and be able to judge the difference between good and bad.

He or she should be widely read and be familiar especially with the subject area to be reviewed, or be willing to admit when a subject is out of his range of expertise; if the latter, he can still judge the material based upon how well he was able to follow the argument. If a reviewer is highly knowledgeable about the Middle Ages,

Each scene is complemented by dialog with graphic conventions (like speech balloons) and is connected with each other in such a way that readers can experience their trip in the world of imagination. The colorfully displayed superheroes, little devils and group of characters appears like ruling the mind of its keen readers. At times, children are seen spending their best time by engaging themselves in reading piles of books which possess their favorite cartoon characters. They feel special to be gifted with comic novels on special occasions and often, spend their time in sketching the cartoon characters.

Besides children, reading comics are a favorite pass-time for elders, irrespective of their age. Many people take pleasure to make frequent visits to the bookstores located at their nearest point so as to purchase the latest collection of books for them as well as for their kids. In recent years, the readership of comics appears to be more as compared to other books available in the market. Compulsive readers are likely to prefer those books which not only include attractive illustrations but also the stories which are all-time favorite for them.

Days are gone when comic novels carried humorous content and adventurous stories only. Today, mythological stories, biography of real life heroes and content of novels has entered into the arena of comic book publications. For instance, legends of God and Goddesses are available in the form of books like Sita: Daughter of the Earth, The Offering: The story of Ekalavya and Dronacharya, Ravana: Roar of the Demon King and lot more. Apart from mythology, many popular novels like Romeo and Juliet, Oliver Twist, Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice etc are available in the form of funny books.

Owning to the increasing readership of a number of publication houses have started publishing good number of funny books and magazines. Although there are scores of book stores providing comic book collections for sale, finding good resources with physical existence is a toilsome effort. Today, many book selling companies have started their businesses over the Internet. In order to save time and energy,

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