Teacher Retirement Gifts

Teachers are non dual teacher there who leave an indelible mark on our lives or the lives of our children. Each of us knows of a special teacher or two who truly goes above and beyond to help their students to learn and grow – these are the teachers who help us to become who we want to be, and who we will remember forever. At their retirement, after a long career shaping the minds and hearts of hundreds or even thousands of students, you may want to express your appreciation to these special teachers through a gift. Here are a few great teacher retirement gift ideas:

• A scrapbook: This is highly recommended for those who are really close to the retiring teacher, or who have, over the years, become good friends with them, whether at school or personally. This is also ideal as a gift for teachers who are moving to another place and who might value the opportunity for remembrance offered in a scrap book.

• A Historic Newspaper: Teachers – particularly history or social studies teachers – will love the opportunity to pore over an authentic paper published on the day that they received their first teaching job, the first day the school was in operation, or even on the day of their birth. What a personal and relevant gift!

A Piece of America: What’s that? Well, you can get your teacher land in each and every state in the USA. How? The land your teacher will get is really small…only a square inch in size. But it comes with an attractive Deed on a plaque or in a frame and is legal, personalized. A booklet arrives too describing exactly where the land is in each state. Your teacher will probably want to display it in the classroom or better yet at home.

• Spa Treatment Gift Certificate: One of the best gifts that you can give to almost any budding retiree is an opportunity to pamper themselves after working for so long, and to start their retirement off right. There is nothing more relaxing and self-indulgent than a day at the spa.

• A Special Book: If your teacher loves to read and has a favorite author in particular, you can give him or her a book from that author. You might also consider a book relevant to a class that you took with them, that was particularly impactful. Look for a nice copy – leather-bound hardcovers send a clear message of affection to an academic, as does a signed copy or special edition. For non-collector’s editions, you can add a personal note inside of the cover.

• PhotoStamps: Photostamps are stamps created out of a personal picture. If you are looking for a personalized gift that is not that expensive you can create a stamp out of a picture of you and your teacher, of their classroom, of a class photo, or perhaps of their school.

• Kindle: If you have the budget, there is virtually no teacher out there who would not be thrilled with an Amazon Kindle. These ebook readers allow book lovers to trundle whole libraries of reference materials, beloved authors, and personal documents with them in one hand. What a great gift for a lover of words and information!

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