Using A Blog To Promote Your Podcast

It is highly recommended that if you are a blogger, you also have a podcast. Of course not everyone with a blog is going to want to start a a course in miracles. And not every podcaster is going to be comfortable enough to have a blog, but there are so many benefits of having one of each. This information is going to give you some more insight on how exactly to connect your podcast to your blog so that your readers listen to the podcast and your listeners read your blog.

One of the easiest ways to connect a podcast to your blog is to actually have a blog post and an episode on the same topic. You can start by writing the post about one aspect of the topic, just to introduce it. You can then expand on that topic in a recorded podcast.

You should wait to publish the blog post until you have recorded and edited your podcast. You will then upload the podcast and post the link (or embed it) directly into the blog post. At the end of the post, mention that if they want to learn more about this particular topic, they can listen to your podcast. This allows your readers to have an option. But today, many people are more than willing to listen to your podcast to hear you discuss this topic as well.

This is similar to the previous suggestion, but the blog post is usually only about the podcast. For example, if you record a podcast episode that is relevant to your blog audience, you can create a post where you give a brief introduction and give them a description of what the podcast episode is about. Give them a few tidbits of information that will make the podcast episode more interesting. Highlight some points in the blog post, as this helps to provide some keywords for organic searches. This will help people on search engines to not only find your blog, but also find your podcast!

Make sure you keep your blog readers updated with news about your podcast as long as the podcast topic is relevant to your blog post topic. It doesn’t have to be related directly, but at least be something you think your blog readers might be interested in.

If you have a blog that is about internet marketing, and you have a blog post that discusses earning money from home and how you got started, that is relevant enough to connect the two together. You don’t have to embed the podcast episode into the post, but just give a little link to let people know about the episode and that they might be interested in listening to it.

When you don’t want to push the podcast too much, a more subtle way is to simply have a sidebar ad that gives the name of the podcast and directly goes to the website or Apple Podcasts section where your podcast episodes are published online. People browsing your blog can then decide whether or not they want to listen to it. Using your show notes for your podcast can also direct people to your blog site. Simply put a short description, such as, “I recently discussed this topic on my blog and you can read about it at (and give the URL).

Use those show notes to promote your topic and also to drive traffic to your blog post. This will, again, create those precious back-links for SEO purposes. The more back-links you can generate between your blog and your podcast; your blog and your website; your podcast and your website; and your podcast back to your blog (without being to obnoxious), the better your ability to be found in searches.

This all is designed for one specific purpose, that is to get you more listeners to your podcast. The more listeners you have, the more opportunity you will have to actually monetize your podcast. We will discuss monetization in a future article. But podcasting does have some expenses with it. If you can monetize your podcast (even on a small-scale), those expenses are covered by your listeners. Now you can podcast for free (or even make a profit)!

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