What Would Make a Good Bratz Game

When I thought about writing about talking tom hack, a big question came up fast. What else is there to write about? You may or may not know this, but the last time I wrote about Bratz games, I basically looked into what Bratz dolls are and what they look like. I also wrote, of course, about the types of Bratz games there are online — mostly hair and make-up styling games and dress up games. I ended with why these games are made and how the Bratz concept as a whole reflects certain parts of our society.

So I started writing again on the Bratz Gaming subject only to realize that I was pretty much writing the same article, only with even less enthusiasm. As I wrote about the different games, I was struck by the fact that there is no Bratz game for gaming consoles. Really I am not surprised by this, but in such a time as this when you can find console games about any characters imaginable, it would be something to think about. So let’s think about it. What kind of Bratz game would be viable for console gaming?

One idea would be to use all of the formats we’ve seen already online to make a disc of mini-games. The basic idea would be the same by way of choosing which Bratz character you would like to be for each mini-game. Of course one would also have to bump up the graphics considerably, make everything three dimensional, and give more creative license to the players of hair styling and fashion design games. It could be almost like developing make up and clothing design software. These mini Bratz games would need as many options as possible when dealing with color, texture, and anything else that girls have to choose when styling hair, make up, and clothes.

Another mini-game worthy idea is that of a shopping game. This one is pretty cut and dry. Choose your Bratz character, which mall or shopping center to shop in, and do like a scavenger hunt type Bratz game. The player would earn points for find Bratz accessories and clothes and would even be able to try things on. One thing to work out would have to be as spending limit.

A racing game would also have to be on the docket and could be either a mini-game or a standalone Bratz game. This would be your typical three dimensional racing game with different creative tracks to race on. It would also be cool to use Bratz accessories as weapons or power-ups. Again, this is pretty self-explanatory, but the player would need to have plenty of vehicles, characters, and environments from which to choose. I don’t know all the ins and outs of the Bratz universe, but it would be a good idea to have a large number of unlockables in the racing game.

My last idea of what would make Bratz games viable for console gaming would have to be some sort of platform Bratz game. There would have to be some kind of story line like the Bratz girls have to find there way through a mall or shopping center and accomplish specific goal while doing so in order to make it to a rock concert. Somewhere in there they would have to find the tickets and the right outfit to wear.

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