Making Your Television Look Like Wall Art

Although most people have a television in their living room or family room, a television isn’t always the most attractive feature in the room. Wall mounted flat screen televisions are more attractive than many older styles of iptv premium, but they still can become a rather ugly focal point within the room. In fact, because they are large and are usually hung on the wall in a prominent location, they can sometimes even be harder to blend attractively into the overall room decor than other types of televisions. Although some people try to hide their wall-mounted televisions behind custom cabinet units with doors, or use a curtain, blind or other device to pull over the television when it is not in use, one way of blending a large wall-mounted television stylishly into the room is to make it look like wall art.

Create a Wall Art Grouping that Includes the Television
One effective method of blending a wall-mounted into the room is to treat it as part of an overall wall grouping. Instead of hanging the television alone on the wall, try surrounding it with other smaller pieces of art. Using abstract types of art is often the most effective, since they are less visually distracting in close proximity to the television when you are watching it. Groupings of smaller sized art are also more effective than using larger pieces, because the larger art pieces can compete with the large size of the television. By grouping a number of small simple pieces of art around the television, it will simply blend in with the others.

Display the Television on a Shelf
Although you will still mount the actual television directly onto the wall for proper support, you can help avoid the “floating” look by installing a shelf directly under the bottom edge of the television screen. This has the advantage of anchoring the television visually, and allows you to display other items, such as framed photos or even books or plants, on either side of the television. This method can be extremely effective when trying to blend a television into the overall decorating theme of a room, because the shelf method really helps make the television appear to be part of the overall decor, as opposed to just a large flat screen affixed to the wall.

Blend the Television into the Room’s Architectural Features
Instead of simply hanging the television on a plain wall, try designing some interesting architectural features on the wall. This can help to visually anchor the television, making it stand out in a more interesting fashion. For example, try installing a sheet of decorative wainscoting on the wall directly behind where the television is to be mounted, edging the wainscoting with an interesting trim. Or try using wood molding to actually frame the television, which can create an interesting effect, especially if wood is also used on the area behind the television. Wallpaper and other decorative borders can also be used effectively on the wall area surrounding the television to give it the appearance of art.

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