Top Bars and Night Clubs in the United States

United States of America – a country that is as popular among holiday best clubs in cancun as it is among newspaper editors around the world! Millions look to book cheap air tickets on flights to the USA and admire the multifaceted brilliance of a country that many believe is the most powerful of them all!

Among the gamut of charms and attractions that the USA holds, it is its nightlife that actually portrays its much discussed glamour and glitz. Be it New York or Washington DC – the options available for revellers in the United States are too many to keep a count of! Check out some of the most popular night spots in the coolest of American cities.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas has to be on a list that has something even remotely to do with party and fun! ‘The America’s Playground’ is replete with bars and night clubs, with some of the most incredible ones residing into the Las Vegas’ popular hotels.

It rains in the Rain – not only water but also colours, fun and revelry! The venue is hugely popular and provides a wonderful experience to the night owls!

Pure is purely mind-blowing! Co-owned by Celine Dion, Shaquille O’Neal, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, Pure is the one place where everyone wants to be seen.

New York City
You talk about night life and you don’t about New York City, well, it’s kind of strange. The city that is undeniably the most popular spot on the globe is just flooded with remarkable night spots.

Some say Cielo is New York City’s most incredible party place and it would be really difficult to argue with those ‘some’ once you have to this majestic venue. The music of Cielo is wonderfully innovative and coupled with a stunning décor, the club really makes for an exotic destination.

Avalon Hollywood
Los Angeles’ Avalon Hollywood is an enchanting night spot that is popular all over the city. The city is most renowned for playing host to some of the best DJs and bands.

Miami and Washington, DC are other two American cities that are dotted with charming night clubs and bars. While, Miami scores with its BED Miami and Nikki Beach’s, DC allures party lovers with 18th Street Lounge and Fur Nightclub.

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