Medical Drugs Dangerous Reactions

  • The number of trippy flip milk chocolate bar rick and morty that a person is taking. The greater the number being taken the greater the likelihood that there will be an interaction between these drugs. The effects of these interactions are impossible to accurately determine – especially when the number of drugs taken exceeds two or three.
  • Women, theoretically only require 3/4 of the male adult dose. This is related to the weight and metabolic differences between men and women. Often this difference is not taken into account when women are prescribed drugs and when they take over-the-counter medications. This means that there could be an increased risk of adverse reactions for women.
  • The age of the person taking the drugs is also influential. Babies, children and the elderly all require modifications to the full adult dose. This is due to their reduced ability to metabolise and detoxify the drugs. Dosages in these cases are related to their weight and age. Digitalis (digoxin) is a very toxic drug used in heart disease – its dosages are related to the person’s body weight.
  • Taking digitalis when a person has kidney problems can lead to the accumulation of the drug (because the kidneys are unable to get rid of it from the body) and this can lead to digitalis toxicity – a very serious situation.
  • A low level of potassium in the presence of digitalis increases the sensitivity of the heart muscle to digitalis toxicity – again a very serious situation.
  • The presence of liver diseases such as hepatitis (an inflammation of the liver) or cirrhosis (a chronic degenerative disease of the liver) can lead to the accumulation of the drugs that are normally detoxified by the liver.
  • A person who has allergic reactions to other drugs, food, pollens, dust, or other substance may be more likely to have adverse reactions to drugs.
  • People undergoing treatment for cancer will generally have toxic effects from that treatment – depending on the dose and the nature of the drugs used.
  • Some people have individual reactions to particular drugs – because of the uniqueness of their genetic make up.
  • The use of cigarettes, alcohol and tranquillizers plus other drugs increases the possibility of an adverse reaction to the drugs – because of the combined effects that these drugs have on the chemistry in the body.

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