Where to Find Free Electronic Books

Other a course in miracles bookstore may have numerous interior photographs, black and white or in color, as well as illustrations, maps, or other types of images. All of these images can help to promote your book, even if people are shopping online and cannot look at a physical book before they buy. Before your book is published or even laid out, make sure you spend time thinking of all the ways you can use those images in your marketing and that you have them in a format that will make those images readily available when needed.

Making Sure You Have the Right Types of Images

When working with your photographer or layout and design person, if you have photographs or other images to include, make it clear you want the images to be in jpeg form so they can be used online and in other formats.

Some book design people may prefer to use tiff images, which may be better in some cases for print quality, but usually jpeg images are equally good. You won’t be able to post your tiff images online since the Internet prefers jpegs. If you are savvy with Photoshop or another program that will allow you to crop and alter images, changing image formats may not be a problem, or you may want to learn how to alter images yourself so you have more options later.

But if you want ready to use images, make sure you let your book layout person know that anything he crops or changes, you want in its final form as it is reproduced in your book so you have the best images possible to use in your marketing efforts. And make sure you ask for those images as jpegs and in color even if your book will only be printed in black and white. People will look at black and white images in a book, but they will expect full color online. In addition, images for books generally have to be high resolution such as 300 dpi, but you will want lower resolution, such as 72 dpi, if you are going to post the images online because the lower resolution images will take less time to load on a web page.

Multiple Ways to Market Your Book Images

Websites: If you’re a first time author starting out with your first website, you will want your website to resemble your book cover or reflect your book’s content. Use themes, colors, graphics, and images that match your book cover and the book’s tone, purpose, and content. You don’t want to settle for a website that clashes with your book cover or its images, or use pre-made templates that don’t project the right image-or worse, a contradictory one. Talk to your website designer so the best use of the cover and other images can be made. Use those images as a preview so people will want to buy the book.

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